HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob Shares Reason For Hiding Being Diagnosed With COVID-19

He went through a lot of obstacles to meet with fans again.

HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob, who recently held his solo concert BITTER SWEET, in Seoul, revealed that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks before the concert and revealed the reason for hiding it. This concert was also his first solo concert in five years.

Regarding the delayed performance due to his military service, he apologized to fans saying, “To be honest, we should have held a concert after the release of my first full-length album, ‘Chocolate Box,’ but things weren’t going well at that time.”

| @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

The concert was conducted with three concepts: white, milk, and dark, and prepared a set list of twenty songs. Yang, who had been preparing for his solo concert since last year’s fan-con tour, stated, “I’m so happy right now, but sometimes I feel like I don’t want to go back. I prepared while battling a cold in May. Please don’t get sick, and I hope you will be happy with HIGHLIGHT for a long time.”

| @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

At the end of the show, he also added, “I think the concert is a time to be the most honest with everyone. I think there were a lot of really difficult moments while waiting for this moment to meet you guys. After fighting my cold that wouldn’t go away in May, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks ago. I’ve been hiding it because I didn’t want to burden everyone with this stage.”

Source: xportsnews