HINAPIA’s “Drip” And Pristin V’s “Get It” Revealed To Have Been Written And Composed By The Same Person

They have the same vibe!

HINAPIA recently made their debut with “Drip”!

The newly debuted girl group consists of 4 members (Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin and Eunwoo) of the now-disbanded group Pristin, and 3 of those 4 members were also a part of Pristin’s subunit, Pristin V.


Pristin V’s debut song, “Get It”, drew much attention for the edgy, different direction it took, as compared to Pristin’s more innocent, cute-sy concept. As 3 out of 4 HINAPIA  members (Minkyeung, Yaebin and Eunwoo) were a part of Pristin V, fans were delighted to find out that both songs were composed and written by the same person, Albin Nordqvist.


Fans were excited to discover this fact, as it put to rest many suspicions they had about similarities between the two songs:


Congratulations on your debut, HINAPIA!