HKT48 Member Tanaka Miku Receives Backlash After Tweeting About Sakura And Nako’s Return

IZ*ONE fans are not happy.

HKT48 member Tanaka Miku is under scrutiny for her most recent Twitter update.

HKT48 member, Tanaka Miku | UTB Magazine

Tanaka Miku is a current member of the Japanese girl group, HKT48. She was also a former contestant on the popular audition television series, Produce 48. While the HKT48 member formerly made a positive impression on the public, she has been receiving malicious comments from IZ*ONE fans after a particular tweet.

Tanaka Miku previously responded to a Yahoo article about IZ*ONE’s unfortunate disbandment news by tweeting,

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SakuNako ohohohohohohoh

— @miku_monmon3939

The HKT48 member was only expressing her excitement in having her fellow HKT48 members Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nako back into the group. Her tweet, however, was met with intense backlash from IZ*ONE fans who have been heartbroken from the disbandment news.

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  • “Are you for real right now? You’re not being considerate of IZ*ONE fans”
  • “Is she f**king serious?”
  • “F**K YOU!!!!!!!”
Nako (left), Sakura (middle), Miku (right) | Tistory

Prior to becoming members of IZ*ONE, Sakura and Nako were members of the Japanese girl group HKT48. After placing in the final line-up for IZ*ONE, the two went on a temporary hiatus to promote as IZ*ONE members in Korea. With the group’s disbandment news, it’s been assumed that the two girls would go back into their rotation as HKT48 members.

Following the backlash, Miku shared an update expressing her love for IZ*ONE.

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In related news, it was announced that IZ*ONE would be officially disbanding in April with no contract extensions, breaking the hearts of their fans all over the world.

Source: WikITree and Twitter