Hong Sang Soo To Release New Film Starring Actress Kim Min Hee

He will premiere this film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Notable South Korean film director Hong Sang Soo will soon be releasing a new film, starring actress Kim Min Hee, who is also famous for being his mistress.

On January 29, the Berlin International Film Festival (also called Berlinale) announced their official lineup of competing films for the award show’s categories. In the lineup, it was revealed that Hong Sang Soo will be competing with a new, unreleased film titled The Woman Who Ran.

The Woman Who Ran is about a woman who, while her husband is on a business trip, reconnects with 3 of her old friends, who she had become estranged with after her marriage.

His film will be included in the lineup for the categories of the Golden Bear and Silver Bear awards, and will be competing with 17 different films from 17 countries. Along with being the film to be competing at the Berlinale, the film is also notable because it will be starring his mistress, Kim Min Hee, in the main role.

In June 2016, Hong Sang Soo, film director, married man and a father, stoked huge controversy when he admitted to having an affair with Kim Min Hee. The two had initially worked together on the 2015 film Right Now, Wrong Then. Kim Min Hee has acted in 7 of Hong Sang Soo’s films altogether.

The Woman Who Ran will be Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee’s second entry together in the Berlinale, with their first being On The Beach At Night Alone.

After filing for divorce from his wife in mid-2018, the court declined his request to divorce his wife in June 2019, and he continues to remain married to her.

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