HOOK Entertainment Is Flamed For Allegedly Shutting Down Lee Seung Gi’s Homepage

Lee Seung Gi requested to terminate his contract just the day before.

Lee Seung Gi‘s homepage has been shut down just one day after requesting to terminate his contract with HOOK Entertainment.

Lee Seung Gi | Gukje News

On December 2, news outlets reported that Lee Seung Gi’s homepage had been taken down. According to the reports, if one visits the website, they are informed that the site’s web hosting service has expired.

Lee Seung Gi’s homepage | Leeseunggi.com

The web hosting service has expired.

— Leeseunggi.com

The website’s condition comes a day after reports stating that Lee Seung Gi had requested to terminate his contract with HOOK Entertainment.

On December 1, Lee Seung Gi’s representatives stated that the star felt the label did not fulfill the commitments laid out in their contract and that it was impossible to come to an agreement.

Currently, it looks like it would be hard to come to an agreement. We hope HOOK Entertainment will take accountability and provide a transparent (accounting) of the revenue generated from (Lee Seung Gi’s) music.

— Lee Seung Gi’s representative

The request marks a crescendo in the feud between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK Entertainment. The label and its CEO, Kwon Jin Young, are facing a host of accusations, including allegations of misusing company funds, withholding money from Lee Seung Gi, as well as gaslighting the artist, and abusing his staff.

Kwon Jin Young | Top Class

Netizens criticized HOOK Entertainment for the allegedly retaliating against Lee Seung Gi by taking down his website. Many netizens stated that they believed Lee Seung Gi deserved better after giving 18 years to the agency.

  • “They are thugs. They’re literally doing so much.”
  • “Is this the first thing that they did after receiving the request to terminate his contract? That’s crazy.”
  • “They should terminate the contract first. You can tell by how the CEO looks that she isn’t logical and is mean-spirited, and is quick to get upset. She’s so pathetic.”
  • “It’s a shady label. What is the urgency (to shut down the website)? Hurry up and work on your press release.”
  • “That was quick.”
  • “Wow, LOL.”
  • “Wow. So pathetic.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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