HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young Is Alleged To Have Verbally Abused Retail Employees

HOOK Entertainment’s CEO is facing a barrage of allegations.

On November 23, media outlet Dispatch released an article that further detailed HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young‘s abuse.

Kwon Jin Young | Top Class

According to the article, ever since Dispatch released an exposé, which alleged that popular singer/actor Lee Seung Gi had never been paid for his music career, Dispatch alleges they have received numerous accounts of the CEO’s problematic behavior.

Dispatch Reveals Lee Seung Gi Has Been Paid A Grand Total Of 0 Won For His Music Over The Past 18 Years

One alleged instance was particularly egregious and involved a former employee from a designer brand, “L.”

According to the luxury brand’s former employee, while working there, she was warned that when Kwon Jin Young entered the store, she needed to be careful.

When she (Kwon Jin Young) comes, we receive an order to ‘Be careful. Do not ask her questions.’

— Former Designer Brand “L” Employee

The former employee revealed an instance when she was cursed out by the CEO.

One time while she was shopping, I was valeting a Ferrari when she suddenly yelled at me.

(She yelled) Hey, you b@stard. Get out of the car. You b@stard, why are you making noise (with the car) when I’m walking by? I felt threatened by you. Tell all the employees (in the store) to come out.

— Former Designer Brand “L” Employee

According to the former employee, the CEO was on the brink of making the employees get on their knees. The former employee stated that “The embarrassment was unimaginable.” According to them, they were told that the CEO frequently abused employees but that she got away with it since she spent so much money.

Dispatch’s article, released on November 23, also contained damning evidence of the CEO’s alleged abuse. The article also reveals text messages allegedly sent by Kwon Jin Young, as well as a disturbing audio recording in which a person, alleged to be Kwon Jin Young goes on a tirade, and threatens to kill Lee Seung Gi.

Dispatch Reveals Disturbing Audio Recording Allegedly Of HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Threatening To Kill Lee Seung Gi

Source: Dispatch
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