Dispatch Reveals Disturbing Audio Recording Allegedly Of HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Threatening To Kill Lee Seung Gi

“I swear on my name that I will kill him.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

On November 23, Dispatch released a disturbing audio recording allegedly of HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young, in which she threatens to spend the rest of her life trying to “Kill Lee Seung Gi.”

Kwon Jin Young | Top Class

According to Dispatch, the audio was recorded by an employee during a meeting. The meeting took place after HOOK Entertainment had given Lee Seung Gi its accounting records as per the singer’s request.

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The audio and a translation of what is said are provided below. We warn that the audio contains foul and disturbing language.

The audio begins with someone who is alleged to be HOOK Entertainment CEO, Kwon Jin Young, speaking ominously about herself and what she is capable of when angry. An Executive at the agency tries to calm the CEO down, but the person alleged to be Kwon Jin Young can be heard telling the Executive to “Shut up.”

  • CEO: “I’m the type of person that when I get really mad, I become very calm and logical. I become very sharp. But I need to get very mad. If I’m not as mad, I just yell, “Hey, f@cker! It’s to the point that even I frighten myself. That has been my disease since I was young. I would become so scary and callous that people would say I would become a murderer and that I would become a very evil human being. I become very (scary) like that, and I am now starting to become like that. Now that he’s not holding back and has asked for our accounting records, it seems he’s really not holding back.”
  • Executive: “No, that isn’t it.”
  • CEO: “Shut up, stop it.”

The person alleged to be HOOK Entertainment’s CEO, Kwon Jin Young, then goes on a tirade where she threatens to kill Lee Seung Gi.

  • CEO: “I swear on my name that I will kill him. I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to kill Lee Seung Gi. That mother f@cker. I swear.”
  • Executive: “CEO Kwon”
  • CEO: “Shut up, stop what you’re doing. I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to kill him.

The person alleged to be the CEO then yells at Lee Seung Gi’s manager.

  • CEO: “Hey you, get out. You f@ckers.
  • CEO: “Hey, let go.”
  • Executive: “Ok, I’ll let go.”
  • CEO: “I’m really going to kill him.”

The person alleged to be CEO Kwon Jin Young is then heard blaming her accounting team for the incident surrounding Lee Seung Gi’s accounting records.

  • CEO: “I mean, what’s wrong with it (accounting records)? And shut up, don’t say a word from here on out.”
  • CEO: “Hey (Lee Seung Gi’s manager), listen to me. Park XX (accounting employee)! Hey! We had Park XX do it, but he’s the one who didn’t do it. He didn’t do it because that crazy bastard didn’t want to work. He didn’t give us the records. I said I would prove that that’s what happened, so why are you acting up? Huh? It’s the truth.”

According to Dispatch, Lee Seung Gi’s manager then gets up and leaves the conference room. In the audio, Lee Seung Gi’s manager can be heard saying he’s quitting while an Executive at the agency consoles him.

  • Manager: “I really can’t do this anymore. I’m going to leave.”
  • Manager: “I’m not going to do this. Stop it. I really did my best.”
  • Executive: “I know, I know.”
  • Manager: “You don’t know how hard I worked. Didn’t we make this meeting so that we could talk it out?  What did I do wrong?”
  • Executive: “You did nothing wrong. Let’s leave.”

A personal alleged to be the manager can then be heard breaking down and crying while confiding in the Executive.

  • Manager: “I really worked hard these past 9 years.”
  • Executive: “I know, I know.”
  • Manager: “What do you know? I was always picked on, and in front of everyone ( the CEO) would say Lee Seung Gi was finished. How can I work when she says, ‘Choose who you are going to be loyal to wisely,’ I was able to endure it then.”

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Dispatch

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