Actor Lee Seung Gi Asks For Accounting Receipts From Hook Entertainment Amid The Agency’s Woes From Alleged Ties To Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun

The actor has been with the agency since his debut.

Lee Seung Gi is reported to have formally asked for a full accounting from his agency, Hook Entertainment, amid allegations that the agency is facing embezzlement charges.

Lee Seung Gi | tvN

According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, released on November 18, an entertainment insider has divulged to the news outlet that the actor feels there has been a discrepancy in accounting between him and the agency and would like a transparent accounting of his activities.

Lee Seung Gi’s representatives feel there is a discrepancy in the amount of payment he received for his activities and has asked for a transparent accounting for all of his projects and activities.

—  Insider

The insider also revealed that in the case the agency isn’t able to receive an acceptable answer to his request, he would take steps to cancel his contract with the agency.

The revelation is shocking, considering that Lee Seung Gi has been with the agency since he debuted 18 years ago.

The request from the actor comes just days after police agents raided the label amid allegations that it was implicated in a larger police investigation into Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun. Previously, the agency was alleged to have ties with Kang Jong Hyun in a damning exposé by Dispatch, in which the news outlet outlines Kang Jong Hyun’s known connections and shady business dealings.

Kang Jong Hyun | Dispatch

The agency’s fall from grace has been drastic as it was once considered one of Korea’s most powerful acting houses. The agency is also home to industry titans Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seo Jin, and Park Min Young.

Source: Sports Chosun

Lee Seung Gi

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