HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Responds To New Allegations Regarding Her Purchase Of A Luxury Apartment

The allegations stem from the revelation Lee Seung Gi had lent the CEO 4.7 Billion KRW.

HOOK Entertainment CEO, Kwon Jin Young, responded to allegations that she purchased a luxury apartment with money that Lee Seung Gi had loaned her.

Lee Seung Gi | SBS News

Previously it was revealed that in 2013, Kwon Jin Young had borrowed ₩4.70 billion KRW (about $3.52 million USD) from Lee Seung Gi without interest. It was also revealed that during that time, the CEO had purchased a luxurious apartment at the exclusive Hannam The Hill complex. The revelations led to allegations that the CEO had purchased the apartment with Lee Seung Gi’s money.

Hannam The Hill | The Korea Herald

According to a statement released by HOOK Entertainment on November 26, the agency denied that the apartment purchase had anything to do with the money Lee Seung Gi had lent her.

The Hannam The Hill purchase and the money Lee Seung Gi lent her have nothing to do with each other.

— HOOK Entertainment

Also, according to news reports, the audit report that HOOK Entertainment had sent miscategorized the loan. As per the audit report, HOOK Entertainment categorized Lee Seung Gi’s loan as a short-term loan, however, since Lee Seung Gi received the money in 2021, the loan should have been labeled as a long-term loan.

This all follows damning evidence of the agency not paying Lee Seung Gi fairly and the agency CEO’s abuse of the star. Recently, a disturbing audio recording of Kwon Jin Young threatening the superstar was released.

Dispatch Reveals Disturbing Audio Recording Allegedly Of HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Threatening To Kill Lee Seung Gi

Stay tuned for updates.


Source: Wikitree
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