HRVY Reunites With NCT DREAM 4 Years Later

He attended their recent London concert!

English singer and TV star HRVY reunited with NCT DREAM!

NCT DREAM with HRVY | SM Entertainment

In 2019, the singer and K-Pop group collaborated for “Don’t Need Your Love.” During this time, they formed a friendship.

Now four years later, they have finally reunited!

Recently, HRVY expressed his desire to return to South Korea after Harry StylesLive On Tour concert in Seoul, which was attended by many Korean celebrities.

If that didn’t have us hoping for a HRVY x NCT DREAM reunion already, Chenle revealed in an interview shortly after that he wants to work with him again.

While HRVY might not be headed to South Korea, that’s okay… because NCT DREAM are in England! NCT DREAM recently embarked on their THE DREAM SHOW2 World Tour.

With a show in London, England, HRVY had to attend. So, he teased his followers that they would see him.

Sure enough, a fan spotted him in the audience, sitting behind them! He even quote-tweeted, commenting on how “awkward” he appeared by himself.

Well, he wasn’t alone for long…

HRVY | @HRVY/Twitter

HRVY shared photos after the concert. The honorary member was finally able to reunite with the Dreamies!


It’s so good to see them finally back together after all these, especially with all the members this time.


HRVY said that he had enjoyed NCT DREAM’s incredible show, and he missed them. Of course, he added a reference to their previous collaboration too.

We hope this means we can get another collab soon!

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