Netizens Are Loving Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih’s And TXT Hueningkai’s Moment Together At The “2022 MAMA Awards”

Best siblings.

Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih and TXT‘s Hueningkai shared the cutest moment at the 2022 MAMA Awards. The two are known to be close siblings, with Bahiyyih often expressing how much she adores and respects Kai. The pair met on stage during the encore closing stage, giving each other high fives.

Although they have interacted in front of the camera before with dance challenges…

…this moment was special. Hueningkai once mentioned his wish for Bahiyyih to make a successful debut with Kep1er so that they can meet on stage. They managed to get their well-deserved “we made it” moment that day. Netizens loved the adorable interaction.

| Instiz
  • “Aigoo, so cute.”
  • “Feels like their expressions are exactly the same”
  • “Cute, they look like Animal Crossing characters”
  • “I think it’s the first time I’m seeing siblings look so happy seeing each other so much.”
  • “Hueningz”
  • “So cute, fr. I love the Huening siblings… Fairytale-like siblings…”

We definitely would love to see more of the Hueningz interactions in the future!


Source: Instiz
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