Actress Lim Ji Yeon’s Mukbang Scene In K-Drama “Lies Hidden In My Garden” Kickstarts A Horrific New Food Menu Trend

It’s a set menu… about death?

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Actress Lim Ji Yeon has made her return with a new K-Drama—and she has started a trend because of her mukbang scene.

Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” | ENA

The new ENA K-Drama, Lies Hidden In My Garden, is receiving a lot of love and attention for its wonderful cast, acting, and plot. Lim Ji Yeon plays a five-month-old pregnant woman who gets abused by her husband.


After hearing the news that her husband died, she inhales a bowl of jjajangmyeon, or black bean noodles, with sweet and sour pork and dumplings. This meal isn’t simply a meal—it’s a symbol of her liberation from an abusive relationship and her indifference to the fact that her husband is dead. This “jjajangmyeon mukbang” scene became viral, and Lim Ji Yeon was praised for her acting skills.

The abstraction of her eating jjajangmyeon in a sense of freedom after her abusive husband dies is insane
Lim Ji Yeon’s acting is the best.

— @fzzzzzaaz

Because of this iconic scene, people began to order the same dishes and gave it a new name: the “husband’s death set menu.” This new “menu” started trending, and people posted pictures of their “husband’s death” meals.

The husband’s death set menu for me, too

— @muk_yes

The husband’s death set menu that my husband bought

— @Ian_Misty_

Ate the husband’s death set menu with my roomie
And while we were at it, we brought out our dead husbands, too

— @ssibalgata

The trend even reached restaurant owners; a Chinese restaurant got inspiration from the “husband’s death set menu” and created a menu called the “Lim Ji Yeon set menu.”

Wait, I wanted to eat the husband’s death set menu so much after seeing Lim Ji Yeon’s acting, and then I found a menu literally called “Lim Ji Yeon set menu”

— @sxxhzzz

It appears that Lim Ji Yeon’s mukbang scene left an impression on many. The way she casually said, “My husband is dead,” to her brother-in-law on the phone truly showed how she is not affected by her husband’s death. Her acting and eating skills are gaining attention, and many are expectant to watch future episodes of Lies Hidden In My Garden.


This isn’t the first time Lim Ji Yeon created a trend due to her role in a K-Drama; in The Glory, she made the phrase “Yeon Jin-ah…” (which is her name in the show) a commonly used slang expression in Korea.


Source: Xsports News

Lies Hidden In My Garden

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