Lim Ji Yeon And Kim Tae Hee’s “Lies Hidden In My Garden” Has Netizens Flooding The Comments Section After First Episode

Netizens’ response was immediate.

Actress Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon‘s newest ENA K-Drama, Lies Hidden In My Garden, is receiving rave reviews.

Kim Tae Hee |
Lim Ji Yeon | MBC

On June 19, Lies Hidden In My Garden aired its first episode. In the episode, Lim Ji Yeon is seen desperately trying to escape her abusive relationship.

Lim Ji Yeon’s character, Sang Eun, is five months pregnant and suffering abuse from her character. Sang Eun is seen taking pictures of herself where she was struck. Sang Eun meets Kim Tae Hee’s character, Juran, towards the end of the episode after it is revealed that her abusive husband has died.

The drama, which has been much-anticipated for its star-studded cast, opened strong to audiences, with many commenting positive reviews after the show’s first episode.

  • “Seriously, one hour felt like 10 minutes, LOL. Whoever produced this is seriously the best.”
  • “Lim Ji Yeon is seriously the best. I want to give her all the awards.”
  • “Where to stream?”
  • “It’s fun, but it is scary.”
  • “It’s fun. It is a thriller, and each frame seems to be shot with purpose. It was chilling, and I didn’t want to miss one frame. It is seriously well made.”
  • “There aren’t any jump scares or anything. It’s realistically scary.”
  • “It’s fun, LOL.”
  • “Honestly, the story isn’t predictable, and there isn’t much dialogue, but it makes you anxious AF.”
  • “Lim Ji Yeon is so f@cking good at acting.”

Have you watched the first episode? Check out the trailer in the link below.

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Lies Hidden In My Garden