Hwang Hana’s Angry Post Against Park Yoochun Resurfaces

“I’ve also made mistakes but you have so many, don’t you? Prositution, animal abuse, violence against women, fraud, etc.”

Hwang Hana‘s angry post against a certain man who is speculated to be her ex-fiancé, Park Yoochun, has been resurfacing following news of Park Yoochun’s involvement in Hwang Hana’s drug case.

On February 28, Hwang Hana shared a long, angry post on her Instagram where she ranted about meeting “the wrong guy” and revealed numerous things he’s done.

I’m suffering through ridiculous things because I met the wrong guy. I’ve held it in for too long so I plan to reveal everything today.

I’ve held it in for so long but I had just about enough of his cowardice and patheticness. He even called his manager, did something wrong and ran away. I just received a message saying that he’s working with his company to come up with a dirty plan to find a way to make me the perpetrator. All of the women who were victimized by him were weak and in a financially difficult position so they couldn’t do anything. But I will never become like them.

ㅡ Hwang Hana


In the post, Hwang Hana accused Park Yoochun of numerous crimes including prostitution, animal abuse, violence against women and fraud.

Of course, I’ve also made mistakes but you have so many, don’t you? Prositution, animal abuse, violence against women, fraud, etc. I gave you enough time and enough chances. You guys tricked me, used me and committed a huge wrondoing and yet you’re trying to devise a plan to make me the bad guy and I can’t hold it in any longer. I gave you your last chance yesterday. I can’t believe you’re stabbing me in the back like this.

ㅡ Hwang Hana


While she did not specify the man in her post, it is speculated that the man is Park Yoochun as he was her ex-fiancé. After delaying their marriage twice, the couple eventually broke up in May 2018.


Meanwhile, Hwang Hana was recently arrested on drug charges. She then revealed that another celebrity friend “forced” her to take drugs. Many people suspected that this celebrity friend was Park Yoochun. As a result, Park Yoochun held a press conference and clarified that he has never done drugs before, claiming that he was not the celebrity friend Hwang Hana mentioned. However, Hwang Hana has stated that Park Yoochun was an accomplice of her drug crime. She stated that she began using drugs again last year because of Park Yoochun.

I took Philopon for the first time in 2015 and quit but began again last year after Park Yoochun recommended it to me.

ㅡ Hwang Hana



Park Yoochun vs. Hwang Hana's Scandal

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