“HYBE BE FAIR TO JIN”: ARMYs Call For Equal Treatment Of BTS Members

ARMYs feel that Jin’s achievements weren’t recognized by the company.

HYBE is currently under fire from ARMYs.

ARMYs are calling for fair treatment of all BTS members, specifically on behalf of Jin. So, the fandom is trending “HYBE BE FAIR TO JIN.”


This protest is because it appears to ARMYs that HYBE does not recognize members’ achievements equally. Recently, fellow BTS member J-Hope released his solo single “on the street,” featuring American music artist J. Cole. It earned its first win on M COUNTDOWN, and HYBE’s subsidiary company and BTS’s label BIGHIT MUSIC shared about it on Twitter.

ARMYs were excited about J-Hope’s achievement. So, they celebrated by trending “#OnTheStreet1stWin.”

Yet, some ARMYs noticed that BIGHIT MUSIC had not given Jin the same treatment when his solo “The Astronaut” won on M COUNTDOWN. 

Now, ARMYs are calling for fair and equal treatment by sharing Jin’s achievements as a solo artist, which HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC never shared.

At the time of writing, there are 10.8K posts related to “HYBE BE FAIR TO JIN.”

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Jin was actually the first BTS member to get a music show win with a solo song. He reacted to the news on Weverse at the time.

I was working until now and just got off work so I heard about the news late. I didnt even imagine it [would happen]. To say that [I won] 1st place on M Countdown, I’m so happyㅠㅠ. Thank you to our ARMYs for making me [win] 1st and, since another content teaser came out today, please enjoy it more heh heh. ARMY, I love you. I love you heart (aegyo).

— Jin

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Besides Jin’s own sharing, the closest the company came to recognizing the achievement was in the most recent Run BTS! Special Episode “Mini Field Day.” In the end, the members gave him their flowers and medals, and Jin gave a speech.

Jin is currently serving in the military, and it is to be expected that the company can’t share promotions featuring him at this time. Yet, his win was before his enlistment, and the Run BTS! episode was released a couple of months after.

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So, it is curious why the company did not acknowledge Jin’s historical win until recently and only through the variety show.

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