The HYBE Family Were Left Shook AF When Baekho Flexed His Incredible Arm Muscles In “The Game Caterers”

“They’re as thick as my legs…” — TXT’s Yeonjun

The HYBE family was left (understandably) shook when Baekho revealed his muscles on the latest episode of The Game Caterers—and then proceeded to prove himself the strongest man in HYBE.

Baekho | 채널 십오야/YouTube

So far, the show’s HYBE special has been full of fun antics and adorable moments, giving fans a good look at the dynamic between SEVENTEEN, LE SSERAFIM, TXT, fromis_9, ENHYPEN, former NU’EST members Baekho and Hwang Minhyun, and soloist Lee Hyun.

Yet, none of them were ready for Baekho. While playing a game, ENHYPEN’s Jungwon chose Lee Hyun as the “Number 1 arm wrestler among celebs.” The idols tried to decide who could compete against Lee Hyun, and SEVENTEEN suggested Mingyu should do it. But Mingyu thought better of it, saying, “But there’s Baekho.”

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

As everyone seemed to agree that Baekho was the biggest person there, he was soon persuaded to arm-wrestle Lee Hyun. Yet, as they prepared to do so, even Lee Hyun couldn’t help pointing out the size of Baekho’s arms, prompting Baekho to pull his sleeves up to reveal even more of his muscles.

As he did so, he left the entire HYBE family hilariously in shock. ENHYPEN looked on in amazement, while SEVENTEEN’s Dino was seen exclaiming appreciatively.

LE SSERAFIM’s reactions proved to be totally priceless, especially Sakura. Eunchae adorably put her arm up in imitation, but Sakura was left totally speechless with her mouth hanging open.

It was clear that the former NU’EST member immediately had the whole HYBE family simping for him…

…with TXT’s Yeonjun and ENHYPEN’s Jay hilariously getting real over the fact that Baekho’s arms are as big as their legs.

Baekho soon proved himself to be the strongest man in HYBE by easily winning the match, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

It’s safe to say he’s definitely made some devoted fans among his HYBE family! Watch the full clip below.

Source: YouTube