DOBUMASK And HYBE Under Fire For Selling BTS Face Masks For $200

$200 for 49 masks.

Mask company DOBUMASK is currently under fire for selling collaborative masks with HYBE of the BTS boys. The masks come in the individual colors suited to each member and the boxes are designed using their Butter album colors. Each mask is also decorated with the Butter logo.


Each pack has 7 masks that are individually packed in a mask pouch. The set of 7 x 7 masks are sold for a hefty price of ₩245,000 KRW (about $204 USD), drawing the ire of fans.

While the masks itself are produced by DOBUMASK and not HYBE, fans are questioning HYBE’s signing off on the expensive collaboration. DOBUMASK on the other hand, are being criticized for capitalizing on the pandemic.

  • “It’s not even pretty. People will think those that wear it are just supporters of the imagery.”
  • “BigHit needs to be hit. They only think fans are cash cows and think they’re fools.”
  • “It’s not even anything else but the fact that they are selling masks like that in this pandemic. They’ve no conscience.”
  • “Only fans become fools. All of BTS’ goods prices are savage.”

While some still are unaware that the masks were a collaboration, others still blame HYBE for approving the collaboration. No statement from HYBE has been released yet.

Source: pann