HYBE Reportedly Trying To Negotiate With The Victim’s Lawyers And Has “No Plans To Remove Kim Garam” From LE SSERAFIM

The media spoke to an industry representative.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam has recently been put on hiatus after her bullying controversy continuously hit the media. An ex-schoolmate accused her of school violence and many others stepped up to corroborate the accusations. Following her absence, the team has continued to promote on music shows as a five-piece team.

Despite the controversy, fans believe that the company does not plan to remove her from the group. With LE SSERAFIM continuing to promote but not posting group photos or schedule updates as per usual, fans theorized that the company was reducing its digital footprint sans Kim Garam.

Kim Garam. | HYBE

Korean media outlet, Joongang Daily, dropped a bomb when they added that HYBE does not seem to have any plans to remove Kim Garam from the team permanently. Joongang Daily reported that according to an industry representative, HYBE is not reviewing any plans for the group to continue as a five-membered team. The industry representative accepted an interview from Joongang Daily only to relate to the fans’ theory.

As they continue to repeat their attitude of not accepting and applying the fans’ criticisms, the distrust toward HYBE grows worse. Recently, as fandoms are sensitive to school violence, sexual assault and sexism, they should be careful but it’ll be hard for HYBE to come up with a better plan than their current actions.

— Industry Representative

Kim Garam. | HYBE

It was also further reported that HYBE has already met up with Daeryun Law, the representative legal firm for an alleged victim of Kim Garam, nicknamed Yoo Eunseo. They are allegedly in discussions for a private settlement out of court.

With the details about Kim Garam’s case evolving daily, stay tuned for more news about the controversy.

Source: Joongang Daily

Kim Garam's Bullying Allegations

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