HYBE And McDonald’s Tease BTS Collaboration Merch

K-Pop fans prayed, and HYBE and McDonalds answered.

McDonald‘s took to Twitter earlier today with an ambiguous tweet tagging HYBE‘s merch account and told fans to wait for May 26.

ARMY quickly hopped onto the news, praying that the announcement had something to do with official merch. After it was announced that McDonald’s employees will receive a special BTS collaboration t-shirt, many fans were jealous and clamored for their own official merch or photocard too. And it seems like both HYBE and McDonald’s heard the commotion, and have answered their demands.

Half an hour after McDonald’s tweet, HYBE dropped a present in ARMY’s lap, teasing the new logo collaboration that will drop May 26. While it’s not a photocard, ARMY are excited to see what will be unveiled in the collaboration. And who knows, Jin did give a “call” to McDonald’s requesting photocards, so anything can happen.

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