McDonald’s Employees Are Soon Getting BTS Shirts — Here’s What It Looks Like

This is more exciting than Happy Meal toys!

McDonald’s recently announced their collaboration with BTS for The BTS Meal. While we might not be getting photocards, employees will be receiving new crew T-shirts to wear during the promotion.

When ARMYs got news that there would be exclusive McDonald’s x BTS shirts just for employees, some even contemplated applying. Now, images of the shirt have been released! The words on the shirt are “ㅂㅌㅅㄴㄷ,” meaning “방탄소년단” (BTS) and “ㅁㄷㄴㄷ” which means “맥도날드” (McDonald’s).

| @saint/Twitter

McDonald’s recently released an official lineup of dates for the BTS promotions. From the looks of it, more exciting things are to come.

| @McDonalds/Twitter

Check out fan-made merch below:

ARMY’s BTS x McDonald’s Merch Is Too Good Not To Be Official