McDonald’s Teases Release Dates For The BTS Meal Promotions

We might be getting photocards after all?! 👀

Ever since McDonald’s announced their collaboration with BTS for The BTS Meal, ARMYs have been patiently waiting for more information. Now, McDonald’s has released an official lineup of dates for promotions, beginning in just a couple of days.

| @McDonalds/Twitter

We not only have BTS’s “Butter” to look forward to now but lots of content with McDonald’s too! ARMYs have been expressing their excitement on Twitter.

Some didn’t even believe the schedule was real. McDonald’s assured, however, that the schedule of events and promotions is indeed very real!

While we don’t know exactly what each day entails, we know for sure that we are getting concept photos! Does this perhaps mean photocards?

We can’t wait!

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Source: @McDonalds and Image


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