McDonald’s BTS Meal Might Not Come With Photocards But May Contain Other Freebies

We’re getting some exclusive content!

Ever since McDonald’s announced their collaboration with BTS for The BTS Meal, ARMYs have been excitedly awaiting the release. They have been holding out hope that the meals may even come with photocards!

Fan-made McDonald’s x BTS photocards design | @jhwmin/Twitter

McDonald’s recently released a lineup of dates for the BTS promotion. Knowing we would be getting new concept photos, many fans thought it was very probable that we might get photocards after all.

| @McDonalds/Twitter

However, an employee has released additional information in regards to the contents of The BTS Meal and what freebies it might contain. It confirms that it doesn’t necessarily include a free item but instead will give buyers access to exclusive BTS x McDonald’s content.

| @BTSMerchUpdates/Twitter

If a customer inquires about merchandise, they will be directed to visit either the McDonald’s website or Weverse. However, if you work at McDonald’s, you will receive a McDonald’s x BTS T-shirt. Check it out below:

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Source: @BTSMerchUpdates and Image (1) and (2)