Reporters Under HYBE Payola? Netizens Find “Evidence” That HYBE Staged Hate Against NewJeans

This is not the first time HYBE has been accused of media play.

On May 16, 2024, a Korean news article by Reporter Kim Ye Rang of Hankuk Kyungje surfaced. The article covered the alleged hate that ILLIT’s Wonhee had faced during a live stream, resulting in her reporting the malicious comments herself.

Netizens Allege HYBE Just Proved ILLIT’s Livestream Incident Was Staged

According to Kim’s article, this led to netizens commenting that they were beginning to hate NewJeans because of it.

Article in question.

“‘Hatred Towards NewJeans Getting Bigger’… ILLIT’s Wonhee seen reporting malicious comments during live stream.”

— Article Title

Netizens soon found things suspicious, and looked up the reporter online. They saw that her past articles were heavily biased towards HYBE, while being disadvantageous to NewJeans.

One such article included Minji’s “Kalguksu Controversy,” framing her in a bad light.

Article in question. | theqoo

“‘What is Kalguksu?’ The rising controversy about NewJeans’ Minji pretending for the sake of a concept.”

— Kim Ye Rang’s article title

Another reported on Minji at an event after the feud between ADOR and HYBE went viral.

Article in question. | theqoo

“Amidst the feud between HYBE and ADOR… NewJeans’ Minji gives a cheek heart with a hardened face.”

— Kim Ye Rang’s article title

She also allegedly only reported HYBE’s statements against allegations from ADOR.

Article in question. | theqoo

“‘Bang Si Hyuk didn’t accept NewJeans’ greetings?’ HYBE denies it.”

— Kim Ye Rang’s article title

Netizens grew suspicious as to whether or not Kim was a reporter under HYBE’s payroll.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Oh, but didn’t a post about how this reporter’s posts are all biased pop up on the hot topics category a few days ago? Was I mistaken?
  • How transparent of them.
  • ILLIT’s image is the only one getting dragged RN.
  • A cult’s media play LOL.
  • It’s the opposite though.
  • Ye Rang… Even if you can’t be kind, don’t play dirty.
  • *Nods*
  • Makes me wonder just how disgusting their negative media play towards other companyies’ idols must’ve been all this while. This is so disgusting FR.

It is not the first time that HYBE has been accused of media play. Previously, netizens also uncovered the identity and past articles of a journalist that had strongly shown a bias against ADOR.

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Source: Theqoo
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