HYBE’s New Girl Group With Sakura And Kim Chaewon Will Reportedly Debut In May

They’re coming soon.

This article has been updated with HYBE’s statement regarding the group’s debut date.

HYBE and Source Music‘s new girl group led by Sakura and Kim Chaewon will reportedly be debuting in May.

According to News1, HYBE will be debuting their new girl group with Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon in May. The group is currently focusing on practice and preparations for their upcoming debut.

The two recently confirmed they joined HYBE and were quickly welcomed to the company by Bang Si Hyuk himself.

HYBE has since commented that they will share the group’s specific debut date once it has been confirmed.

They are preparing for their debut in May.

We will reveal their debut date when it has been confirmed.


Currently, the only girl group signed under HYBE is fromis_9, however this new girl group will be special as they will be the first girl group produced by HYBE themselves. fromis_9 is currently signed under Pledis Entertainment and were initially produced by Off The Record and Stone Music Entertainment.

Source: News1 and Joy News24
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