Get To Know All 22 Contestants On HYBE’s Debut Reality Survival, “R U Next?”

Here’s everyone on the show.

HYBE’s new survival reality program R U Next? has just released the profiles of its 22 contestants via their official Twitter. Each contestant wrote their own profiles by including fun facts about themselves on their profile photos. Get to know each of the 22 trainees below.

1. Himena

Hailing from Japan, Himena loves Disney’s Aladdin and describes herself as a hard worker. She sleeps with plushies and thinks the sea is pretty. Himena describes herself as a puppy.

2. Funa

Funa has been on the survival show JYP Entertainment’s Nizi Project before.. She loves The Greatest Showman and Bambi. She calls herself  a princess and loves the color pink!

3. Hyewon

Hyewon vows to work hard and present her best, prettiest self. She calls herself surprisingly frugal! A sweet girl, she wants to hug people if she can.

4. Choi Haseul

A girl after our own heart, she loves K-Drama. She named Crash Landing On You and Little Forest in her profile. Haseul describes herself as a tomato and as an Energizer. Her wish is to fill up Gocheok Sky Dome for a concert.

5. Choi Jihyun

Jihyun loves chocolate and webtoons. The first thing she wants to say to fans is “thank you and I love you.” She loves hearing things people say with sincerity.

6. Son Jiwoo

She loves Bambi so much that she wants to be friends with it. Jiwoo is one of the oldest contestants on the show, born in 2001. She also likes watermelons and strawberry milk. Her charming point is her cherry-like lips.

7. Jeemin

She loves apples and can never seem to hear her alarm in the morning. Jeemin vows to do her best such that she does not have regrets, and wants to make her debut after working hard.

8. Choi Jeongeun

A lover of matcha lattes and strawberries, Jeongeun proclaims herself as bright and smiley. She has a dog called Leo and her motto is to get up eight times if she falls down seven times. is an ISTP who has AB-type blood. Flipped is her favorite movie. The trainee is also known to have starred in the 2019 movie, Extreme Job.

9. Iroha

Iroha thinks her best feature is her positive smile. She hopes to have made her debut a year later and be slaying on stage. She could be a main dancer as she points out that she can ride the rhythm with fast footwork.

10. Yunah

She loves gaming and riding the bicycle. Her dream is to perform at the MAMA awards. Yunah’s motto is to live positively. She claims to have lots of aegyo and love!

11. Yuisa

Yuisa has a dog called Maroto and she can never wake up in the morning. Her motto is to never lose your initial motivation and spirit.

12. Wonhee

Wonhee would like to tell her fans she loves them and is grateful. She describes herself as a cat and calls herself a “vocal color fairy!” Her motto is to not have regrets.

13. Yewon

Yewon calls herself a hard worker and loves to hear when people are happy because of her. She loves salt bread and collecting stickers. She believes that nothing is impossible!

14. Lee Youngseo

Youngseo describes herself as a “born to be idol.” She is slow at everything except eating! Her goal is to have an exclusive concert with her group. Her nickname is Cat-Seo!

15. Ena

Ena is an ESFP from Japan. She loves watching dramas and snacking on strawberries and shine muscats. Omurice is her favorite food.

16. Iris

Iris hails from Thailand. Her motto is to not let her own happiness be dependant on others and to instead be happy herself. She loves theme parks and the color black. It seems like she’s trained in Latin dance too.

17. Seoyeon

Seoyeon takes three vitamin jellies a day and describes herself as a carbonated drink. She has lots of drive and encourages herself to work hard to debut! She wishes to debut and meet her fans within next year.

18. Chanelle

Chanelle loves food! She noted down watermelon, hamburgers and oranges on her profile. Her animal is a cheetah. Her goal is to top the Billboard charts.

19. Park Minju

An ISTP, Minju promises to do her best in whatever she does. She hopes to become a cool artist eventually. Minju’s animal is a duck.

20. Moka

Moka hails from Japan and is an ISFP. She loves horror movies and hopes to become an influential person five years later.

21. Moa

Moa is an ESFJ and describes her visuals as that of a desert fox. She probably has great projection as she claims to be as loud as a speaker. Moa is able to sleep with her eyes open.

22. Ruka

Most may know her from her previous appearance in LE SSERAFIM’s debut documentary. She trained with them but did not make the cut.

Ruka is an ISFJ and describes herself as a cute squirrel! Her dream stage is the Tokyo Dome, befitting of her Japanese heritage and is the happiest when she is eating.

Who will you be voting for? The show’s first episode airs June 30, 2023.

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