HYBE Spent Over A Million Dollars On The House For BTS’s “In The SOOP”

Here’s the breakdown.

BTS recently wowed everyone with a preview for In The SOOP Season 2, which features a gorgeous mansion that has everything you need.

Not only will the boys be staying in a luxury house, they also have access to a tennis court…

…a pool, another standalone mansion, a huge garden and more!

It was reported that HYBE Labels had bought out the entire building, as well as the surrounding areas of land. They spent a total of 1,295,000,000 KRW ($1,096,528 USD) in total. The main mansion is over 197.8 meters squared over two stories. Although it is cheaper than land and buildings in Seoul city for sure, that’s still a hefty sum to pay!

While HYBE Labels did not offer an answer to the media’s question on purpose of purchase, fans have been speculating that they may develop the building and area as a tourist spot for fans in the future.

Source: BizHankook