HYBE Makes An Additional Statement Addressing The Ruling LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Was Charged With During Her School Violence Committee In 2018

An additional statement was made to explain her ruling.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam has been entangled in a legal battle over her controversy. One of her ex-classmates stepped up with legal representation to accuse her of school violence and bullying, claiming to have attempted suicide over the matter. On the other hand, HYBE and Source Music have responded with a statement regarding the legal battle.


One of the condemning documents released partly by netizens and past schoolmates of Kim Garam stated that Garam had been dealt with a 5th disposition at her school violence committee. A document that listed Kim Garam as the perpetrator for a school violence committee had been leaked on the internet, while other files on her school website stated the disposition. HYBE has acknowledged that a school violence committee was opened against Kim Garam, but defended her by explaining the situation was different despite her being listed as a perpetrator.

Regarding the school violence committee that was held in June 2018, many of the individuals directly involved and their classmates knew of the key content. Apart from the classification of the perpetrator versus the victim, there were many classmates who believed Yoo Eunseo’s behavior was a problem, demanding a school violence committee meeting even though she made a mistake, and there are third parties who can testify to this.


While HYBE and the alleged victim’s legal consult go back and forth, just what does her ruling actually mean? Regarding the 5th disposition dealing, a professional lawyer provided his legal opinion as to what it truly means.

The 5th disposition punishment lies between the 1st and 9th dispositions, with the first being the lightest and the 9th being the heaviest. The lawyer voiced out that it is rare for the 5th disposition to be ruled if the case did not involve physical violence.

Regarding this, HYBE issued a statement on May 20, 2022, to DongA.com.

A 5th disposition ruling was made despite there not being any physical violence. As a school violence committee is not a court, executions differ per case, school, district and overseer. At that time, Kim Garam’s mom believed that they would make the suggestion to best help her child in the right direction and did not repeal the disposition punishment ruling. She is currently regretting not having made any repeal up to now and just having accepted it. She thought that it was the best choice for her child’s education back then.


Following her controversy, Kim Garam has since gone on hiatus from the group, just weeks after her debut. Read more about the matter below.

Source Music And HYBE Release Official Statement Regarding LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam’s Bullying Accusations — Kim Garam To Go On Hiatus

Source: DongA

Kim Garam's Bullying Allegations

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