Hyeri Reveals Why She Joined “Amazing Saturday”… And Why She Decided To Leave

“Amazing Saturday” fans didn’t want to see her go… but here’s why she had to say goodbye.

As Amazing Saturday “Doremi Market” segment’s master entertainer and beloved mascot, Hyeri had viewers hooked on the show for the past two and a half years.

Hyeri on “Amazing Saturday”. | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

So when, in the latest Amazing Saturday episode, she said her final goodbye as she departed the show…

Hyeri, goodbye for real!!

— Amazing Saturday

… she had everyone ugly crying.

SHINee’s Key (left) with Hyeri (right) on the latest episode of “Amazing Saturday”. | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

In a separate vlog for her official YouTube channel — following the final episode of Amazing Saturday, Hyeri revealed why she decided to leave.


Hyeri claimed when she initially became a part of the Amazing Saturday family, she “had been battling a low point in her life.”

I didn’t know what to do with myself. Like, I wanted people to tell me that I’m doing great… but people didn’t find me entertaining. I kept getting criticized and that made me wonder if I’d be able to make anything of myself.

— Hyeri

It was Amazing Saturday‘s simple-but-fun games that gave Hyeri some purpose though. She quickly realized, “TV entertainment has been one of [her] stronger suits” — which made her commit to the program even more.

She regained her confidence when one by one, viewers found her competitive nature to be endearing.

It felt good because I was starting to be accepted and liked for who I am. That’s how it felt, at least. I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else on Amazing Saturday. And viewers were okay with that. They liked me the way I came.

— Hyeri

But when Hyeri had to start working double time between Amazing Saturday and her 2019 K-Drama Miss Lee, things started falling apart again.

Hyeri in “Miss Lee”. | tvN

Hyeri admitted, “It took a toll on [her].“Though Hyeri wanted to excel in both, the overwhelming schedule made it impossible for her to concentrate on either.

She didn’t want to, but couldn’t help feel like she “was becoming a burden for everyone” as she “found it more difficult to manage her condition.” Though Hyeri did not explicitly say, it became evident from the vlog that Hyeri learned from her previous exhausting experience of taking on two big TV programs at once.

Viewers would start to notice, like they would comment “Oh, Hyeri’s not talking as much today” or “Hyeri looks really tired today” and I got really upset with myself for making that obvious. I wanted to be good at what I do on Amazing Saturday and I wanted to do be good at my role on Miss Lee… but it was like I was failing both.

— Hyeri

So when in June 2020 — shortly after she decided to take on the female lead role for the upcoming webtoon-based K-Drama 간 떨어지는 동거 (Frightening Cohabitation, working title) — Hyeri reportedly notified Amazing Saturday that she would like to withdraw from the show, viewers naturally assumed she couldn’t risk the same complication again.

“Frightening Cohabitation” webtoon poster. | Naver

In her final goodbye to Amazing Saturday, Hyeri promised the viewers that she will return to the screen soon. And knowing her genuine, hard-working personality, Amazing Saturday viewers are rooting for Hyeri’s successful K-Drama lead!

Watch the full vlog here:

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