More Of Hyolyn’s Alleged Former Classmates Reveal “Proof” That She Bullied And Assaulted Them In The Past

Another alleged victim released KakaoTalk messages as “proof”.

Hyolyn has recently been accused of bullying her classmates back in middle school. The alleged victims claimed that she would frequently assault them, steal their clothes, curse at them and more.

The original accuser revealed a KakaoTalk message with another classmate who confirmed that Hyolyn used to bully them.

The friend who I had this KakaoTalk conversation with reached out to me.

The assaulter may not remember but the victims never forget. There are times when I remember it in my sleep and my body immediately reacts.

I remember once when we were getting hit in the playground, a man in a trench coat saw us so Hyolyn stopped hitting us and got pissed, saying ‘We gotta leave quickly.’

— Accuser A


Soon after, another alleged classmate posted their own story confirming Accuser A and her friend’s accusations. They claimed Hyolyn would lie after stealing their clothes, curse them out for no reason, and beat them until they bled.

I am also a victim of the happenings mentioned on this post. Hyolyn used to curse at us in every which way, and she’d ask to borrow our bags, clothes, and shoes for one day but wear it around for days. She didn’t want to return it so she’d lie that an upperclassman stole it from her.

If I asked for her to return it, she’d curse me out by saying ‘I said I’ll give it to you, you XXX’.

At the playground, she would make us cower in fear by asking, ‘Who do you want to get beat up by today?’ We were assaulted without any reason. My eyes would get bloodshot and bruised from the beating, and my lips would swell up and bleed.

My mom once rushed to the school after seeing my eyes.

— Accuser B


Hyolyn’s agency is currently planning on taking legal action against Accuser A for starting up a “groundless rumor”. Hyolyn had reached out to the accuser to talk about it face-to-face but the accuser seemed to be going back and forth with their story as the controversy continues to grow.

Source: Money S and Joongang Ilbo