Hyosung Reveals Brand New Image Through New Profile Pictures

And she looks stunning.

Hyosung has revealed new profile pictures that reveal a completely different image from what she has shown in the past.


While Hyosung went for the sexier looks in the past…


Her new profile photos show a much simpler look with much less makeup as well.


This comes after she finally won the lawsuit related to her exclusive contract with TS Entertainment. Hyosung had sued TS Entertainment for not having paid her since 2015.


With the ongoing lawsuit, Hyosung’s contract with TS Entertainment was indefinitely suspended and the singer eventually signed a contract with TOMMY & PARTNERS.


Finally, after the lawsuit was closed in her favor, she is starting afresh under the management of TOMMY & PARTNERS with this fresh new image.


Netizens have been showing various reactions to Hyosung’s new image with some commenting on her transformation, guessing that she may have done some plastic surgery.

  • “Looks like she did double eyelid surgery again…she lost too much weight…she looks like T-ARA’s Eunjung.”
  • “She is born again with double eyelid surgery and a diet~”
  • “Her double eyelid outline is too much.”
  • “Looks like she lifted her lips with surgery or injections.”


Others commented on how beautiful she looked in her new profile photos.

  • “Wow!! She looks pure and beautiful!!! A glamorous body with this face, good!”
  • “She’s pretty.”
  • “Very pretty~~!!! I hope her solo does well.”
  • “Whoa, she’s so damn pretty.”


What’s for sure, however, is that these new profile photos have definitely raised anticipation for Hyosung’s solo promotions!

Source: Xportsnews