HyunA And DAWN’s Representative Responds To Rumors Alleging They Are Back Together

Previously, a news report alleged the two were spotted together.

The representatives for HyunA and DAWN responded to a report alleging that the two were back together.

Dawn (left) and HyunA (right) | pinterest

On January 27, News1 released an exclusive report alleging that the couple, which recently broke up, was now back together. According to insiders, the pair had gone to attend overseas schedules and filmings together and did not bother hiding their affection from each other.

Singers DAWN And HyunA Reportedly Are Back Together

Not long after the news broke, a representative for the couple responded to the report. The representative denied that the two had traveled together overseas for schedules and stated that they were looking into whether the couple had gotten back together.

The two have never gone to schedules together. They only meet sometimes to eat together. I will verify if they are back together.

— Representative for HyunA and DAWN

This isn’t the first time that the couple was alleged to have gotten back together. Previously, it was reported that HyunA had new piercings that resembled DAWN’s, which sparked new dating allegations. The couple broke up in November 2022.

Source: wikitree
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