Singers DAWN And HyunA Reportedly Are Back Together

They were spotted together.

Popular K-Pop couple HyunA and DAWN previously announced their breakup on November 2022.

We have broken up.

We have decided to remain good friends and good colleagues starting from now.

Thank you for your constant support and watching over us fondly.

— HyunA

As of January 27, 2022, they may have a new relationship status. According to News1, HyunA and DAWN have gotten back together! They were reportedly spotted attending local and foreign schedules together recently, and they appeared very friendly and attentive to each other.

According to insiders, the pair had gone to attend overseas schedules and filmings together and did not bother hiding their affection from each other. Neither party has given an official statement as of this article.

 A representative for both HyunA and DAWN has made a statement.

Source: News1


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