HyunA And E’Dawn To Make First Official Appearance Together After Leaving Cube Entertainment

It’s their first official appearance as a couple.

It has been reported that HyunA and E’Dawn will be making their first official appearance together since leaving Cube Entertainment.


HyunA and E’Dawn will be attending a luxury brand event held in Gangnam on November 29th. This will be the first time the two will be appearing in an official setting as a couple since they left Cube Entertainment.


HyunA and E’Dawn’s dating rumors began in July when they were promoting as the group Triple H. In August, HyunA revealed that she had been dating E’Dawn for years through her Instagram account.


Since HyunA’s confession, the activities of both HyunA and E’Dawn were suspended. In September, Cube Entertainment announced that both idols could be removed from the agency and eventually, both HyunA and E’Dawn canceled their contracts with Cube Entertainment in October and November respectively.


The couple has since been gaining attention for their Lovestagrams, public display of affection and even couple dance videos.


Meanwhile, netizens have been expressing their support for the couple and wishing them happiness, especially after all they’ve been through. Many have even suggested that the couple should get married!

  • “I hope they are very happy!”
  • “I think they’re gonna get married. They’re so tight.”
  • “I didn’t really like HyunA but she seems like a respectable woman. I hope they are happy.”
  • “Really? I’ve been waiting for this…I can’t believe they’re appearing together…I’m so excited. I’m happy they’re dating confidently, they look happy on their sweet dates and they look great together. I love this couple.”
  • “I’m just glad they both look happy.”
  • “I hope they continue their love until they get married. This couple forever.”
Source: Xportsnews