E’Dawn’s Contract With Cube Entertainment Terminated, Leaves PENTAGON

He has left Cube.

Cube Entertainment has finally spoken up about the status of E’Dawn, and it was what fan’s were hoping would not happen, but were expecting to be the result.


Cube Entertainment released a statement, announcing they have terminated E’Dawn’s contract with their company. Since he is no longer a part of Cube Entertainment, he will also be leaving PENTAGON.

“As of November 14, Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn have agreed to terminate the contract between us. Once again, we are extremely thankful to the artist and all of the fans who have been with us up until now.”

— Cube Entertainment


The entire incident blew up when HyunA confirmed she was dating E’Dawn, after Cube Entertainment denied it.

Hyuna and E’Dawn Confess They’ve Been Dating For Years


After HyunA announced the two were indeed dating, Cube Entertainment released their first statement, saying both of them have been removed from the agency due to trust issues.

HyunA and E’Dawn Have Been Removed From Cube Entertainment


However after what seemed like tons of backlash and hate, Cube Entertainment retracted their statement, saying they will hold a meeting to determine the fate of their two artists.

Cube Entertainment States HyunA and E’Dawn’s Removal Is Not Yet Confirmed


HyunA’s announcement came roughly 1 month after the announcement of the meeting, and soon after, she wasn’t afraid to throw shade at her former employer.

HyunA Shares Video With E’Dawn After Leaving Cube Entertainment


Source: Segye
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