HyunA Revealed To Experience Fainting Spells A Few Times A Day Regularly

She revealed that she fainted during her music video filming with DAWN too.

Previously, it was reported that HyunA and DAWN were preparing to release a song together. Unfortunately, she shared that she had ended up fainting during the music video filming. Not only that, she shared that she regularly experiences fainting spells a few times a day.

Thank you to all the many staff that were with me for 48 hours throughout the two days on the 11th and 14th. I only have gratitude towards you all. I can’t think of other better words to expres show I feel. I think that this filming was especially meaningful and cherished, so I’m really thankful to our staff. I normally faint a few times a day, but this was the first time an ambulance came to the music video filming site. I was dancing excitedly but as expected, I ended up fainting again. I had prepared well, but my body could not keep up a hundred percent, so I was quite upset. It is my fault for not caring for my body earlier. I had gotten an IV halfway through and when I woke up, my blood pressure was 40/70, so I could not immediately continue filming but even so, after I came back home and had some time to think by myself, I thought that I was quite crazy on one hand. When I think of those I love, I’m so thankful and grateful for everything. The stage is where I’m happiest, so I’m very thankful to those that stand by me silently and to our warm staff that make me up to be the prettiest and coolest. I’m thankful and sorry… I will take care of myself better. To my fans, I will always work hard to not let you down, and to do my best to smash up the stage. I will eat more and work out more. I’m sorry to have worried you. I will go to the hospital again for a check up on Tuesday and get medicines. I’m someone who is very lacking but I’m so thankful for the love and care I receive. You know how I feel right? And, DAWN, I’m so sorry. I’m always thankful and I love you.

— HyunA

HyunA and DAWN will be releasing a duet song on September 9. While they have made comebacks on the same day in the past, with HyunA releasing “FLOWER SHOWER” and DAWN releasing “MONEY” on November 5, 2019, this will be their first song together. Here’s to her improving health!