HyunA Was Captured Throwing A Tantrum — Dawn’s Reaction Proves Why They’re Couple Goals

HyunA was NOT happy.

Dawn recently posted a video of himself with his girlfriend, HyunA on his official Instagram account and it’s so relatable and beyond sweet.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

In the video, HyunA can be seen throwing a tantrum over the photos Dawn took of her.

She must’ve been dissatisfied with the results because she can be heard shouting,

Take it properly!


She even swung her arms, stomped her feet, and pushed Dawn back with her hands out of frustration.

But throughout it all, Dawn simply smiled and hugged HyunA without getting angry.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram 

In the end, HyunA shouted,

I want to take more later when I feel better!

— HyunA

And Dawn simply followed her with a smile on his face.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

He later captioned the video,

You should’ve let me take at least 10…

— Dawn

As if that’s not sweet enough, the two must’ve made up because HyunA later posted successful shots at the same location on her Instagram account.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram
| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

These two have been together for 5 years now, but they’re clearly getting cuter by the day

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