Differences In HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung’s Followers After Dating News Baffle Netizens

Netizens are still reacting to the surprising news.

On January 18, rumors of former HIGHTLIGHT‘s Yong Jun Hyung (also known as Junhyung) and HyunA dating spread like wildfire following the pair sharing a photo holding hands and HyunA’s comments on her post.

Days later, Jun Hyung seemingly confirmed the alleged couple’s relationship in messages sent to fans.

Yong Jun Hyung

The announcement has been widely met with negativity, not because they are dating, but because of Yong Jun Hyung’s past.

During the investigations into the Burning Sun Scandal‘s illegal sex video group chats, Jun Hyung admitted to receiving video from Jung Joon Young and knowing that he filmed women without their consent, saying he didn’t think it was a “big deal” at the time.

Yong Jun Hyung’s Involvement With The Burning Sun Illegal Sex Video Chats Resurfaces Amid HyunA Dating Rumors

Fans of HyunA have blasted the idol, with many of her large fan accounts both domestic and international closing after hearing the news.

The dating news also had an unexpected effect on both of the stars’ social media followings.

With backlash as large as it is against HyunA it is not a surprise that it reflected in the number of individuals that followed on Instagram. Before the news, HyunA had around 18.4 million followers, and just a day later lost over 100,000.

It was also alleged that some of HyunA’s celebrity contacts also unfollowed the idol, including EXID‘s Hani and 2AM‘s Jokwon.

Surprisingly, Jun Hyung has seen the opposite happen.

Jun Hyung has significantly less followers than HyunA on his Instagram account, but, on the day that the photo was posted, gained nearly 63 thousand followers.

The singer did not face legal charges over his self-confessed involvement with the Burning Sun Scandal, but it brought into question his morality for knowing at least part of the crimes that were committed.

This contributed to netizens’ confusion over Jun Hyung’s increasing and continued popularity.