HyunA’s New Weight Update May Seem Shocking, But Here’s Why Fans Are Happy

Technically, HyunA’s measurements put her in the underweight category.

In an Instagram update on August 11, star soloist HyunA shared a photo of her current weight. But while the figure on the scale may seem low at first, here’s why it’s actually welcome news for fans.

Fans have been expressing concern over HyunA’s weight for several years. Back in October 2018, she posted a photo of herself standing on a scale showing that she weighed 43.1kg (95lb). According to BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations, weighing so little at HyunA’s height (164cm) made her medically underweight.

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However, BMI is known for have its flaws as a health tool as isn’t necessarily applicable to everyone. Fans commented on HyunA’s post expressing their worries and well-wishes, many wondering if she’d lost weight after her dating controversy with former PENTAGON member Dawn forced her out of Cube Entertainment. However, HyunA reassured them that she was doing well and actually gaining weight.

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I gained weight after working out diligently and eating well ❤ Don’t worry 💪💪

— Hyuna

Earlier this year, discussions around HyunA’s health were raised once again after she posted a photo of her tiny diet meal on Instagram—two small pieces of sausage, a little brown rice, and some vegetables.

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But despite others’ concerns, it seems that HyunA truly has been working on keeping up a healthy diet and lifestyle regime. Less than two years since her last weight update, HyunA revealed on August 11 that she’s gained several kilos.

She now weighs 47.3kg (104lb), which still puts her BMI in the underweight category. But while some outsiders are shocked by the low figure, many fans are happy to see her gradually gaining weight and living healthily.

Not everyone can gain weight easily due to differing body types and metabolisms, but HyunA has certainly made progress on her journey.

Just last month, Korean netizens flocked to social media with praise for her healthy-looking body. She did look slim in the lingerie photos she uploaded to Instagram, but her body was also well-toned.

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