HyunA’s Teary Reaction To Viviz’s Queendom 2 Stage Goes Viral

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Singer HyunA‘s teary reaction to Viviz’s Queendom 2 stage has gone viral.

HyunA | @sohyun1104/Instagram

Dancer and choreographer Joo So Hyun, on April 1, uploaded a story of the singer onto her Instagram.

Joo So Hyun | @sohyun1104/Instagram

In the video clip, HyunA is seen in her pajamas with her bare face crying in what seems like a living room.

Joo So Hyun captioned the video, “She’s crying after watching Viviz’s stage on Queendom 2.” The diva can be seen visibly emotional after watching the performance.

HyunA | @sohyun1104/Instagram

HyunA can also be seen wiping her face and saying, “It’s so sad.”

The singer is alluding to the fact that in their performance, Viviz performed songs, “Time for the moon” and “Rough.” As the trio had initially been part of the 6-member-group GFRIEND, the performance of the songs was especially emotional for fans as it was the first time seeing them perform the song since GFRIEND broke up.

Viviz | @viviz_official/Instagram

The members of GFRIEND shocked K-pop fans when they decided not to renew their contract and go their separate ways. Former members Eunha, SinB, and Umji, make up Viviz.

Watch the group’s Queendom 2 performance in its entirety below!

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