Idols shed tears for Ladies’ Code during the “2014 MelOn Music Awards”

On November 13th, Ladies’ Code received the MBC Music Star Award at the 2014 MelOn Music Awards in remembrance of EunB’s second wish to win the award with her group members. In memory of the tragedy, idols present at the event showed tears as they congratulated the group. 

MC’s Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Yeon Woo had given the award to Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung, who are currently recuperating in their dorms following EunB and RiSe’s passing. In response, all the singers present stood up from their seats, paying respects to their passing. Through the photos, fans can see Hyeri and Yura from Girl’s Day had teared up with the rest of the artists and fans present at the event.

MC Kim Yeonwoo had stated, “The two friends who had went up to the skies first, Go Eunbi, Kwon Rise. And the three friends who are still remaining, please encourage all of them,” while MC Jun Hyun Moo had added, “I remember EunB and RiSe’s bright faces. These are the friends who expressed their desire to receive an award at the end-of-the-year ceremony, but before they got to see it happen they had left the world. I hope that this trophy gets received well in Heaven.”

In related news, the group’s manager was recently arrested and charged for reckless driving and causing the accident by speeding on the road.

We hope the best for Ladies’ Code during this time of great difficulty.

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Source: MyDaily