Netizens’ Reactions To B.I’s Drug Accusations And Departure From iKON

Here’s what the netizens are focusing on.

B.I was recently accused by Dispatch of purchasing and using illegal drugs. Although YG denied B.I’s connection, B.I personally admitted to having thought of using drugs and announced his departure from iKON. YG soon announced that B.I has also left YG Entertainment.


As his controversy unfolds, netizens have taken to online forums to express their thoughts about the issue. Many have begun criticizing B.I for his contradicting chat logs and personal apology letter.


The majority also appeared to be angry with YG Entertainment as multiple YG artists have previously been connected to illegal drug use. Many demanded a boycott against YG once again.

They also claimed it was fishy for YG to be connected to many scandals in the past yet still avoid being officially investigated.


Another group of netizens began to point fingers at other YG artists, claiming that there has to be more artists who use illegal drugs.


Meanwhile, another group of netizens are demanding that YG let the other artists leave the company as they are damaging the artists’ image.


As netizens are mostly angry towards YG and B.I, fans are demanding that B.I be allowed to return to iKON as he claimed that he had only thought about taking drugs.


Meanwhile, all of B.I’s scheduled shows and appearances have been canceled. He was currently promoting Lee Hi‘s “NO ONE” together but will stop all performances.

Source: News1, Star News and Sports Chosun

B.I's Drug Scandal