Netizens Boycott BIGBANG And YG After Assault Controversy At Seungri’s Club

They are disappointed by YG artist’s scandals.

Earlier today, a customer at Burning Sun was physically assaulted by the club’s CEO, Mr. Jang. The victim called the police, but the corrupt policemen arrested the victim and beat him up even more.


The club was further criticized when a shocking footage showed a heavily intoxicated woman was dragged out by the security guard, while the employees did nothing to help her struggles.


BIGBANG‘s Seungri is the owner of the club, and netizens found proof that he was actually at the club on the night of the assault. Fans and netizens were disappointed to see Seungri affiliated to the scandal.


After Seungri was caught up in the controversy surrounding his club, netizens and fans have begun boycotting BIGBANG and YG Entertainment.


A fan encouraged others to boycott YG goods so that the agency and its artists could learn from their mistakes instead of being shielded by the fans.

The popular post claimed that if nothing was done about Seungri’s controversy, the wrongful crimes would continue to spread throughout Korean society.

“Don’t buy YG contents.. I’m having a lot of thoughts after Seungri’s controversy.. I just deleted and threw away all the YG songs and albums that I bought for BLACKPINK and BIGBANG. Let’s boycott itㅠㅠㅠ So that money doesn’t become a source of authority.. Let’s show them how scary the people who loved them enough to make them rich can be

If we continue to buy their songs and contents, YG will think the public are fools. They’ll think that time will heal, it will be okay once they go and return from the army, if we send out good songs we’ll make money.. Other entertainment agencies will see it and think, ‘Oh? The other agency was able to cover up anything they did as long as they had money?’..

If you really love BIGBANG and YG artists, shouldn’t you reprimand them instead of shielding them?? So they can walk a better path

I’ve never once written on Nate Pann before. The policemen who arrested the victim, the employee who only cared about his laptop when a woman who was roofied was struggling as she was dragged out, Seungri who was at the club on that day… It made me want to write this post.

I realized how this one situation probably happens much more often than we realize, and I was shocked.. The stories that we see on movies like ‘Veteran’, ‘Inside Men’, ‘The Outlaws’, and ‘Man From Nowhere’ actually happened in real life, and I’m scared our society is going to get worse.

Please don’t do anything about this, thinking ‘This has nothing to do with me. As long as I’m fine.’ Everything that happens in society will affect you in someway at sometime.

Those of you who complain about being born in high class and low class, please understand that way of thinking was born from these kinds of people who think money is power.”

— Netizen


Comments agreed with the OP as they criticized YG Entertainment’s continuous scandals involving illegal activities.


YG Entertainment was featured on the news for illegal activities a number of times throughout the years. Many of its artists were accused of using of illegal drugs, like T.O.P, Park Bom, Kush, and G-Dragon.


BIGBANG fans also expressed their disappointment in Seungri’s recent scandal, claiming that the members were too “problematic”. Many claimed that they will no longer be supporting BIGBANG.


After netizens began demanding a boycott for all YG contents, fans of the other YG artists like WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINKLee Hi and more called for their artists to leave the agency so they don’t have to be affiliated with the controversies.


YG Entertainment and Seungri remains silent about the current controversy. YG only announced that it will not make any statements regarding the assault cast at Burning Sun.

“We will not make any announcements about it.”

— YG Entertainment

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