Lawyer Reveals It Will Be Difficult To Punish B.I For Attempting To Purchase Drugs

A lawyer who specializes in drug cases revealed his thoughts.

On March 13th’s episode of Section TV, an attorney who specializes in drug cases revealed his thoughts about B.I‘s recent drug scandal.

The attorney, who claims to have much experience with drug cases, indicated that B.I’s drug case was strange from a common sense standpoint. He clarified that what happened with B.I’s case in 2016 was not standard procedure for a drug investigation.

I’ve participated in numerous drug cases, but the recent suspicions are commonsensically strange. It’s hard to see it as a standard method for drug investigations. Even if they only have objective circumstances or weak evidence, (they) usually arrest or summon the suspect. If the conditions for arrest are not met, they try to induce voluntary interrogation and do everything they can to investigate, but (B.I’s case) was far from the standard method of investigation.

ㅡ Lawyer


He also stated that it would be difficult to punish B.I for simply an attempt to purchase drugs.

There are laws in the Drug Control Act that punish even conspiracy for drug manufacturing or import/export, but it is difficult to punish an attempt to purchase drugs.

ㅡ Lawyer


B.I is suspected of attempting to purchase LSD and marijuana in 2016 after Dispatch released a series of chat logs between B.I and Han Seo Hee in which B.I heavily inquired about purchasing the drug. He also admitted to having done drugs with Han Seo Hee in the chat log.

Meanwhile, he has since uploaded a post on his social media, admitting that he had wanted to use drugs and denying that he had actually used them. He also announced his intentions to withdraw from iKON, which was later confirmed by YG Entertainment.

Source: Naver TV

B.I's Drug Scandal

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