iKON B.I’s Past Bullying Controversy Resurfaces In Light Of His Drug Scandal

Netizens are not impressed.

With the recent drug controversy involving former iKON‘s B.I, a live broadcast from 2015 is resurfacing and Korean netizens are becoming upset about it all over again. In this broadcast, B.I is seen to be allegedly “bullying” a fellow member Chanwoo.


The screenshots show B.I punching Chanwoo…


… and also snapping Chanwoo’s baseball hat off his head in an aggressive way.

The other members caught on camera seem uncomfortable at what’s happening. Koreans pointed out that they almost look used to the situation and predicted there might have been a frequent bullying habit from B.I to Chanwoo.


Then, a third GIF from the broadcast captures the raw reactions from Chanwoo – whom the netizens believed to seem actually hurt and offended by B.I’s actions. While at the time the video first became controversial iKON clarified that such aggression is only a sign of affection and that the members are extremely close with each other, some Korean netizens didn’t buy it then and are not buying it now.


Especially in light of his drug scandal, B.I now faces more criticism for his past, insensitive actions. Korean netizens are commenting they “should have known better from these red flags hinting at B.I’s character.”


Meanwhile, B.I continues to keep some faithful fans who trust that he did not actually use the drugs and support the artist regardless of the controversy. The hashtag #김한빈_탈퇴하지마 (reads KimHanbin_DontQuit) is trending for B.I who was announced to have left the group.


No other official statements have been release since and fans from Korea and worldwide continue to speculate what might happen to the rest of iKON, YG Entertainment, and B.I himself.

Netizens’ Reactions To B.I’s Drug Accusations And Departure From iKON

Source: THEQOO

B.I's Drug Scandal