iKON and YG Entertainment Immediately Removed From B.I’s Profile

He was removed within hours.

YG Entertainment announced that B.I has officially left iKON and the company ever since admitting to having wanted to use illegal drugs. Within just 6 hours since the scandal first broke, B.I’s profile was changed on multiple sites.


Naver removed iKON and YG Entertainment from B.I’s profile nearly immediately after the news broke.

Left: Before the scandal, Right: After the scandal


Daum has also changed iKON’s profile to having only 6 members and deleted B.I from the member lineup.


Meanwhile, MelOn still has B.I as a part of the group as of now.


Considering how it took days for Seungri to be removed from BIGBANG’s profiles, fans expressed their disappointment about B.I’s removal.


YG Entertainment has yet to announce the future plans for iKON following B.I’s departure.

Source: Spotv

B.I's Drug Scandal