iKON’s Bobby Looks Happier Than Ever In His First Appearance Following His Marriage News

Look at his smile 🥺

On September 15, iKON held a V LIVE for all of their fans to celebrate the group’s 6th anniversary together. The exciting celebration was made even more exciting when fans realized all 6 members were present — including Bobby.

iKON during their “V LIVE” with Bobby (far right) | V LIVE

Previously, Bobby announced in a handwritten letter that he would be getting married “to the person [he] loves.” In addition to his marriage news, he also shared that he would be welcoming a child into the world in September.

As Bobby currently promotes as an active K-Pop idol, many wondered how such grand news would be taken by the public — which may be why it was such a pleasant surprise for iKONics to see Bobby’s beaming face on the group’s recent V LIVE session.


The iKON members partook in an almost hour long live broadcast for their fans, where they could be seen playing games, conversing about different topics, and talking about their 6 years together as a group.

During this time, Bobby shared his wishes regarding the group’s relationship with their fans, and how he hopes to “become closer than ever.”

During the past 6 years, we’ve experienced a lot. But I want to do more, meet more, and engage more [with fans]. We still have a lot of time ahead of us so my wish is that we are able to engage with one another more and to become closer than ever.

— iKON’s Bobby


Congratulations to iKON and their 6 year anniversary!

Source: SBS News