iKON To Be The Next Artists To Join The Weverse Platform

They will be able to interact more with their fans.

According to YG Entertainment, K-Pop idol group iKON will be joining the global fan community platform Weverse. The iKON community will officially open on the Weverse app on June 21 at 12 PM KST. 

iKON is the second artist from YG to join the Weverse platform. Previously, YG announced that it would strengthen its strategic partnership with Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE) and Weverse Company. YG is expected to expand its influence by building an innovative model that can provide new experiences to fans while using iKON’s global impact.

YG stated, “In order to repay the love and interest from fans, we are planning a relay hashtag event and other various events for the fans. iKON’s behind-the-scenes content from ‘Kingdom’ will also pre-release on Weverse first.”

Source: sports khan


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