Illegal Hidden Camera Caught In The Men’s Bathroom At The Prestigious Yonsei University

The perpetrator was caught on the spot.

A student at Yonsei University was arrested by the police on June 14, 2023, for a hidden camera caught in the men’s bathroom on campus.

According to the police, a report came in around 12 PM that day from the victim. Upon receiving the report, the police were dispatched and caught the perpetrator. The perpetrator was a current student at the school. He was arrested on the spot.

The police confirmed that the perpetrator was a male student. He was charged with illegally filming another male student in the men’s bathroom at the Baekyanggwan Building on campus. The police verified that the photos were deleted from the perpetrator’s phone and his handphone and SD card, which were confiscated for further investigation.

Yonsei University’s prestige added to the public’s shock about the matter. It is one of the top three schools in Seoul, and one of the highest-ranked schools domestically.

Source: SBS

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