Choreographer’s Accusations Of Plagiarism Against ILLIT Resurface In Midst Of HYBE Feud

“People telling choreographers to get it over are so shameless…”

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It seems like everyone involved in the HYBE Labels feud against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has been accused in one way or another of plagiarism by this point. Whether it’s someone accusing ILLIT of copying NewJeans or NewJeans themselves being accused of plagiarism by another creative artist, at this point there’s hardly anyone at HYBE that hasn’t been pulled into the fallout in one way or another.

Amidst all of these accusations, one against ILLIT that was made a couple months back has resurfaced.


The accuser in question is choreographer Kelly Sweeney, who works for well-known American dance studios such as Millenium Dance Complex and PLAYGROUND LA.


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Three months back, she brought to public attention that a dance practice video released by ILLIT had used her own choreography without permission or giving her any kind of credit.


While plagiarism accusations can sometimes be a bit of a reach, when watching Kelly’s choreography next to ILLIT’s, you can’t deny that the dance is the same move for move.


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Of course, the blame here is against ILLIT’s staff and whoever was in charge of determining their choreography and not the members themselves, but it still resulted in hate and criticism directed at the members.

It got to the point where credit for the choreography was added into the video, but it reportedly wasn’t there originally.

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Even though this isn’t a new accusation, it has brought renewed criticism and complaints against the “creatives” who are in charge of ILLIT, since they are such a young group but have already been caught up in so many plagiarism controversies.








Hopefully this won’t continue to be an ongoing issue for ILLIT, and changes will be made that prevent more plagiarism allegations from being directed at them.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa

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