Indie Band DOMA’s Vocalist Kim Doma Has Passed Away At The Age Of 28

She was 28. May she rest in peace.

Indie band DOMA‘s vocalist, Kim Doma, has passed away at the age of 28.

Band DOMA. Geonu (left) and Doma (right).

Fellow DOMA member Geonu made the announcement on his personal Instagram, letting the group’s fans know of the sad news.

Hello, this is Geonu from DOMA. Yesterday, the situation wasn’t organized, so I only contacted a few close people around me about it.

Yesterday, on March 19, Kim Doma (Kim Soo Ah) passed away. I believe the funeral will be held on Monday in Jeonju. I will share the details when I am informed about them.

When the specific details are confirmed, I will share them with you then.

— Geonu

Just five days ago, Doma shared a video on her Instagram account showing the band preparing for their new album.

May she rest in peace.

Source: Sports Donga
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